DEW Properties provides our clients with:

One Stop Development, Design and Construction Resource:

DEW Properties will assemble a design and construction team based on experience, practicality and a proven track record of cost effective design. As a developer/builder, DEW is a one stop shop for developing strong communication lines between our team and our clients. During the design phase, DEW will insure the following requirements are met:

  • Site Selection & Validation
  • Environmental testing and corrective action plans to insure the project site is clear for permitting and financing
  • Consultation with the local municipality and involved utility providers
  • All local and state permits as required
  • Complete plans and specifications for bidding and construction

Alternative Funding:

DEW Properties is experienced in the successful navigation and acquisition process of New Market Tax Credits (NMTC). DEW, together with our legal/NMTC counsel has successfully acquired NMTCs for a combined project total nearing $120MM. DEW is one of only a few developers in the country to have successfully secured New Market Tax Credits combined with Recovery Zone Bond funds for our Rutland City project, CCV’s new campus. More recently, we secured NMTC’s for our $16MM Barre City Place project which allowed 50% occupancy by the State of Vermont. DEW is committed to work with our clients to secure these tax credits if applicable to the project.